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Stainguard forms an invisible shield around your carpets and furnishings, making spills and stains easier to remove. Stainguard will not affect the colour, feel or texture of even the finest fabrics, whilst still retaining fire retardant properties. Spillages are mopped up with an absorbent tissue or sponge, whilst dried stains are more easily removed. Now with added protection of ACTIGARD (Allergyshield), you can rest assured that your home is safe from dust mites, fungal mould, bacteria and their allergens.

Whether your carpets and soft furnishings are new or about to be cleaned, Stainguard will add years of life to your carpets and furnishings as well as giving peace of mind over that spilt cup of coffee or wine.

Allergyshield offers the safe, durable benefits of total hygiene and the proven answer to the problem of dust mites, moulds and bacteria, the causes of many allergies. Dust mites and fungal moulds are directly linked to over 55% of all asthma diseases and other related allergies including eczema, rhinitis, sinusitis, watery eyes and coughs.

How does it work?

An invisible barrier is created on treated textiles that eliminate the food chain of dead skin and excrement that dust mites breed on. Without this they cannot survive.

What can I have treated?

Any carpet and textiles that cannot be regularly washed at 60 degrees. Other high infestation areas include mattresses, duvets, pillows, bed bases, fabric bed heads, furniture, rugs, wall fabrics and curtains.

How long will it last?

Stainguard is permanent to normal daily maintenance, wear and dry cleaning. Commercial steam cleaning however remove a percentage of the product necessitating re-treatment.

Can Actigard be applied for other infestations?

Yes, Actigard will kill fleas, bed bugs, moth, carpet beetle, cockroaches, etc.

How safe is it on my furnishings?

The formulations are adapted to suit all fibres and fabrics eliminating any risk of distortion or shrinkage.

How long does it take to dry?

1-2 hours with good air circulation. Deep pile carpets can take longer and premature contact with outdoor shoes or clothing should be avoided.

How is it applied?

Stainguard is sprayed onto your carpets and furnishings.

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